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The Woody

A little history about the legendary Woody

History and Early Life

Our Woody started life in 1946 in Detroit Michigan, in post war USA the domestic car production only resumed in july 1945 and the car, underneath was the same as they were pre war. But it did have some exterior changes.

With steel in short supply post war, timber was used on the wagons and some of the convertables of the times. This model was built up until the new version was realeased in 1949, however the ‘49 cars weren’t true woodies but did have wood panels as a style feature along the sides.

Originally our Woody had a 6 cylinder engine (3.7 litre), this was the first time ford had introduced a 6 cylinder engine since 1907 when they flopped with the model K.

Somewhere in its life, probably in the 50’s or 60’s the car was exported as a used vehicle to Peru, where it was put to work as a taxi in Lima where it was commonplace for late 40’s and 50’s cars to be used as taxis, many are still used today.

In the mid 90’s a group of intrepid classic car hunters were in south America searching out cars to bring back to Australia when they came across the Woody. Abandoned on the side of the road, the decision was made to load the Woody up and bring her home.

Once back in Australia the old girl was bought by Noosa Longboards and she started on the long road to recovery.

The pictures below were taken as it stood in peru… hadn’t moved in years…

Arrival in Noosa

The first image below is the Woody alongside a 1946 ford coupe, just before Noosa Longboards acquired it, the second image  is the day it arrived at noosa longboards, in 1996.

The rest of the images are a selection from a series taken by famous surf photographer Jack Eden. Even Bob Mactavish had to have a look! (he also got to drive the Woody in the surf movie Bombora).

First Restoration

Here’s the Woody is after the first restoration in 1997 ish, she started to turn heads and the noosa icon was born.

Second Restoration

The second restoration was carried out in 2009. This one much more thorough and precise and it was here she got her trademark black paint and red wheels, the inspiration was taken from american graffiti meets endless summer.

She also got her new engine, a Ford Windsor 302 V8, this not only enhanced reliability but now she goes as good as she looks.

Almost into her 80th year the old girl is going stronger than ever, THE icon of Noosa Surf Culture and hastings st is now available for Weddings, formals and event hire, perfect for any sunshine coast wedding or function.

Media Stories

Over the years the Woody has been the subject of many Media stories, from French TV shows to promoting Noosa on sunrise, or hanging with TV Masterchef star Matt Preston, or being the subject of many Newspaper articles, both local and national.

Noosa Longboards History

Since 1997, the Woody has been a big part of Noosa Longboards, Still to this day its on the front door of the shop down Hastings St. It was great advertising for Noosa Longboards always bringing customers in being parked out the front.

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